Kudzu Root P.E
Red Clover P.E
Grape Seed P.E
Ginkgo Biloba P.E
Panax Ginseng P. E
Bilberry P.E
Epimedium P.E
Green Tea P.E.
St. John's Wort P.E

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Welldon Bio-Tech Co., LTD, founded in the year of 1998 by her mother company ¨C XiĄŻan Welldon Trading Co., Ltd, is a high-technological enterprise that engages in the line of researching, production and marketing of plant extracts for the world market.


Being located in Xi'an City - a production base of plant extracts and herbal extracts in China, Welldon Bio-Tech has the evident priority in the botanical extract industry owe to the great mountain of Qin Ling nearby, which is the natural treasury for plants and herbs in China.


Being a professional manufacturer, Welldon Bio-Tech has been devoted to supplying plant extracts of Chinese origin for the international market with high standards of quality and competitive prices. Through ceaseless efforts for years, we have become a leading exporter of plant extracts in China. Numerous kinds of products have been distributed to Europe, north America, Asia and other places in the world every year, earning a rather high reputation from our customers.


Add: Room 18F-D4, Sigo International Building, No. 126 WeiYang Road, Xian, 710016 China
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