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Red Clover P.E
Grape Seed P.E
Ginkgo Biloba P.E
Panax Ginseng P. E
Bilberry P.E
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Green Tea P.E.
St. John's Wort P.E

Bilberry P.E

Botanical Source:
Vaccinium Uliginosuml/ Vaccinium Myrtillus
Voilet Fine Powder
Bilberry P.E. (Extracted From Chinese Purple Fruit) 5% Anthocyanidins
Bilberry P.E. (Extracted From Chinese Purple Fruit) 25% Anthocyanidins
Bilberry P.E. (European material) 25% Anthocyanin
Pharmacological Actions:
Traditionally, it is believed to benefit vision significantly, it assists in a variety of visual problems including myopia, retinal disturbances, eye strain/visual acuity, pigmentary retinitis, diabetic induced cataracts, help eyes adapt to darkness more effectively, and help against day and night blindness.

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